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Hiit – The Workout For Serious Athletes


Losing the unwanted body fat every one of us stores is always a long and usually boring road. We are all accustomed to the typical gym cardio sessions staring at the clock, counting down the seconds till you done. But what if you are told there is another way to do cardio and get great results in about a third the time? This style of cardio is called an HIIT workout.

High-Intensity Interval Training, also called HIIT, is a very intense (if the name hasn’t given it away) and grueling form of cardio, but it can do remarkable things for shedding the fat and raising your metabolism. I found this to be the best fitness hiit dvd. The fact that in the past few years’ interval training has gotten a lot of attention and HIIT is at the center of it. Intervals are the best thing to happen to weight loss in years and the fact that it is just now getting attention comes as a surprise to some. Athletes that train as part of their participation in the sports world all know the benefits of HIIT training.

Interval training is quite simple. It is just a short, intense burst of exercise alternated with low-intensity ones. The high intensity and low intensity act as a catalyst for each other. The body is given mixed signals which make it work harder to keep up with the frequency of the changes. Without the low-intensity recuperation, you will not sustain the energy needed to make the high intensity as severe as it needs to be. If you do not have those, you will not get the full benefits that send your progress off the charts and makes that fat sizzle.


It is entirely possible for someone carrying a lot of body fat actually to train and finish a marathon without losing a pound. How is this possible you may well wonder? I visited to find their review of turbulence training. The body that moves long and slow trains the muscles to expect just that. They become used to this and no more. It takes the HIIT to get the body to come out of its lethargic state and begin to burn like a powerhouse. For fast, effective fat burning slow and steady will never win the race.

If you are looking to run an endurance race, sure this will work for you but also you will need to include distance training as well. But if you want just to get rid of that fat you have been carrying around for far too long then this is just what you need. You can get the fast results that you have been searching for by incorporating HIIT training into your exercise schedule. Here’s a review of the venus weight loss program.

HIIT is quickly becoming the exercise method of choice for millions around the world. Don’t you owe it to yourself to give your body every opportunity to become is fittest and leanest form possible? Try HIIT for yourself you will be more than satisfied with the results. And you will see results, fast. Build a full workout routine with high-intensity interval training, and you will be showing off that beach body in no time.